Community Advisory Group

A Community Advisory Group was formed to assist the LOTT Board of Directors and study team to gain an understanding of community perspectives and questions, ensure the study is designed to address community concerns, and help identify effective ways to engage the public throughout the study. The group is currently in their third phase of work.

The group’s next meeting date is scheduled for 6 pm on Tuesday, October 11, at the LOTT Regional Services Center, 500 Adams Street NE in Olympia. A draft agenda is available here. Members of the public are welcome to attend and observe meetings of the advisory group.

View Phase 3 Materials:

Current members of the Community Advisory Group are:

Maureen Canny
John Cusick
Lyle Fogg
Holly Gadbaw
Karen Janowitz
Bill Liechty

Scott Morgan
Pixie Needham
Tina Peterson
Ruth Shearer
Edward Steinweg
Richard Wallace

View Community Advisory Group Materials:

Comments and questions regarding the Community Advisory Group can be directed to