Study Products and Reports

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Study work will result in a variety of products, resources, and reports. Check back to view additional materials as they become available.



Public Involvement

  • Public Involvement Plan (PDF) – A guide that will be adjusted as the study progresses to effectively engage the public, gather input and feedback, and encourage community dialogue about the study and related issues.
  • Focus Group Report (PDF) – Summary of three citizen focus groups conducted in the fall of 2013 to learn how best to communicate about the study and the technical topics involved.
  • Public Opinion Phone Survey Report (PDF) – Summary of a phone survey conducted in early 2013 of 400 residents to gain an understanding of public awareness, knowledge, interest, and perceptions regarding water, wastewater, reclaimed water, groundwater recharge, and related issues.
  • Public Opinion Interviews Report (PDF) – Summary of structured interviews conducted in early 2013 with 53 community members to gauge awareness, interest, and opinions about study related issues.