Budget & Capital Improvements Plan

Operating and capital budgets, and six-year plan for capital projects

LOTT prepares a two-part budget that includes an operating budget and a capital budget. The operating budget contains all the costs necessary to operate LOTT facilities and provide related services. The capital budget includes costs to build new facilities and upgrade, replace, or rehabilitate existing facilities. Capital costs are based on LOTT’s Capital Improvements Plan (CIP), which is divided into two sections – a detailed six-year plan for the current planning period and a summary long-term plan that extends to 2050.

Budget for 2017-2018
The 2017-2018 Budget and Capital Improvements Plan was approved by the LOTT Board of Directors at their November 9 meeting. This is the first time LOTT has developed a biennial budget. The LOTT Board of Directors approved the shift to a biennial format in 2016.

The Operating Budget includes $24.7 million for operations and $18.0 million for debt service. LOTT’s Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) identifies $98.3 million in projects anticipated through 2022. The 2017-2018 Capital Budget is about 41% of that total, at $40.6 million.

2017-2018 Budget and Capital Improvements Plan (PDF)