Rates & Fees

Monthly service rates and connection fees

Wastewater rates consist of monthly service rates and connection charges. Each of these fees is made up of two parts, city fees and LOTT fees, because parts of the wastewater system are owned and maintained by LOTT and parts are owned by the cities of Lacey, Olympia, or Tumwater. LOTT owns the facilities needed for wastewater treatment and production of reclaimed water, as well as the main sewer interceptor pipelines and pump stations that carry wastewater to treatment facilities. The three cities each own the sewer systems in their respective service areas. These systems consist of pipelines and pump stations needed to collect wastewater from individual properties and carry it to LOTT’s main interceptors. More information about current year's rates, and their purpose, is available in the sewer charges fact sheet.

2022 Rates
The LOTT Board of Directors approved rates for both 2021 and 2022 at the October 2020 Board meeting. The monthly charge and the connection fee include a 3% annual inflationary adjustment to account for anticipated increases in the cost of construction. For 2022, the monthly charge is $43.49 and the fee for new connections is $6,610.13.

2022 Sewer Charges Fact Sheet (PDF)