Cynthia Pratt

Cynthia Pratt, Board Member

City of Lacey Representative

Cynthia Pratt became a City of Lacey Council Member in January 2010. She was also appointed to the LOTT Board of Directors that same year, and has been reappointed annually since then.

Cynthia has lived in Lacey for over 36 years. She worked for the Department of Fish and Wildlife and the Department of Natural Resources for over 27 years, 10 of those years working as lead on the State Environmental Policy Act before retiring in 2008. She has a Master’s of Environmental Studies from The Evergreen State College, with a focus on water quality and fish survival. She was appointed to serve on the Thurston County Boundary Review Board in 2002. She serves on the Land Use, Transportation, and General Government and Public Safety Committees for the Lacey City Council, and is their representative on Olympic Regional Clean Air Agency and TOGETHER’s Leadership Council, as well as LOTT’s representative on the Thurston Regional Planning Council.