Performance Plan

Performance goals and success measures

LOTT’s Performance Plan identifies goals and objectives in each of four key management areas – Utility Management; Treatment and Capacity; Community Engagement; and the Workplace Environment. The goals set the bar for levels of service that will be provided to our communities. The objectives serve as measures of success, and will be monitored to determine whether or not the organization reaches its goals. This provides a framework for continual and consistent review of organizational and operational performance. The Performance Plan spells out the organization’s priorities and keeps LOTT’s operations transparent and accountable to the public, ratepayers, and partner government elected officials. The Performance Plan is updated every six years, with annual summary performance reviews.

Performance Plan Executive Summary (PDF) – This summary includes the organizational goals and objectives that form the basis for annual reporting to the LOTT Board of Directors, partner government elected officials, and the public.

Performance Plan (PDF) – This document includes a broader and more detailed list of organizational goals and objectives, along with supporting activities and staff responsibilities, and is intended primarily for use by LOTT staff as an active management tool.

Annual Report for 2017 (PDF) – This report summarizes LOTT's performance in meeting our organizational goals over the last year.