Strategic Plan

LOTT’s values and performance objectives

LOTT has developed a Strategic Plan, which documents the organization’s goals and objectives for the 2019-2024 planning period. This plan renews LOTT’s organizational values and sets a high bar for the levels of service that LOTT continually strives to provide to our communities. Performance objectives that reflect LOTT’s values are identified in the plan. The performance objectives, along with additional metrics, provide a framework for accountability and a means of tracking and reporting organizational and operational performance. The plan also includes priority work plan activities related to key focus areas: emergency preparedness, knowledge management, human resources, information technology, capital planning process, and planning for emerging issues.

LOTT's Accomplishments in 2021

2019-2024 Strategic Plan (PDF) – This plan includes the organizational values, goals, and objectives that form the basis for annual reporting to the LOTT Board of Directors, partner government elected officials, and the public.

Annual Report 2021 (PDF) – The report summarizes LOTT's performance in meeting our organizational goals over the last year.