Training & Engagement

Professional development and staff programs

One of LOTT’s core values is a commitment to our workforce, to their support, development, wellness, and safety, to ensure an overall team that is sufficiently skilled, capable, motivated, and prepared to do the job and meet LOTT’s mission.

Trainings, conferences, and certificates are available to all employees. For some positions, continuing education is necessary to maintain required certifications. In other positions, ongoing training keeps staff up to date with increasingly complex technologies. LOTT also provides job-specific safety training, CPR and first aid, defensive driving, and more.

Career Development
An active Career Development Program offers customized training plans to enhance employee skills and create professional growth opportunities. Training plans can help prepare staff for potential in-house advancement opportunities.

The Apprenticeship Program offers a valuable, entry-level training opportunity that opens the door to careers as a Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator, Control Systems Technician, or Maintenance Technician. Each apprenticeship involves extensive instruction with comprehensive on-the-job training by skilled journey-level staff. Upon successful completion of the program, apprentices "graduate" and become eligible to fill vacancies for full-time, professional jobs.

LOTT’s apprenticeships are highly sought-after positions. The application process only opens periodically, on an as-needed basis, usually every two to three years. Openings for these positions will be posted on our website.

Safety Incentive Program
A robust Safety Program provides training and education, as well as financial incentives for staff to participate in optional safety activities and to become safety leaders within the workplace. This program promotes a continuous focus on workplace safety, which is critical in the industrial setting of a treatment plant.

Wellness Program
Our active Wellness Program helps motivate LOTT employees toward healthier lifestyles. Staff enjoy a variety of fun and educational activities, aimed at promoting healthy choices and many aspects of wellness, including physical, mental, spiritual, and intellectual. LOTT offers an on-site gym, sport court, and gardening area to provide opportunities for employees to take part in wellness activities. LOTT has received the WellCity Award annually since 2012 in recognition of its Wellness Program.