Providing goods and services for LOTT

Roster applications and forms are available below. LOTT requires businesses to re-submit applications and SOQs on a yearly basis.

Consultant and Small Public Works Rosters
LOTT’s consultant roster and small public works roster are hosted by the non-profit Municipal Research and Services Center (MRSC) of Washington in the MRSC Rosters shared online database. To join, register online and select LOTT Clean Water Alliance in your account. For registration questions, please email MRSC Rosters or call (206) 436-3798.

Consultant services of interest include architectural and engineering services; event, facility, stock and/or aerial photography; public opinion surveying; graphic design; and multi-media/video production. Small Public Work projects are under $300,000 and may include installation, construction, remodeling, improvement, or repair (other than ordinary maintenance) on real property owned or leased by the LOTT Alliance, and/or emergency response to sanitary sewer spills.

Materials, Supplies, and Equipment Vendor List
The Materials, Supplies, and Equipment Vendor List will be utilized for soliciting quotations for materials, supplies, or equipment for use by the LOTT Alliance. LOTT reserves the right to use vendors not on the Vendor List when necessary. Vendors will remain on the Vendor List for one year. If you have any questions concerning this application, please send us an email or contact Justin Long at (360) 528-5713.

Materials, Supplies, and Equipment Vendor List Application (PDF Form)