Purple Pipelines

Conveying reclaimed water to our communities

Reclaimed water must be conveyed in pipe systems separate from potable water. These pipelines are color-coded purple – the official color used to designate reclaimed water. Our local purple pipe network is limited due to the expense of installing a separate piping system in areas that are already developed. Expanded use of reclaimed water will depend in part on development of a more extensive pipe network.

As a wastewater utility, LOTT is not a water purveyor. Instead, the three cities – Lacey, Olympia, and Tumwater – play that critical role. The cities each determine how reclaimed water will be used in their communities and work directly with reclaimed water customers within their service areas. For questions about reclaimed water availability, contact your city utility representative:

Lacey (360) 491-5600
Olympia (360) 570-3793
Tumwater (360) 754-4140

LOTT has installed purple pipe trunk lines in the eastern part of the service area and in the central service area. The pipelines serve LOTT facilities directly, and in some cases, have the potential to serve more than one jurisdictional partner.

In the east, LOTT installed three miles of purple pipe between the Martin Way Reclaimed Water Plant and the Hawks Prairie Ponds and Recharge Basins. The line runs along Carpenter Road and Britton Parkway to the pond site off of Marvin Road.

In the central service area, purple pipe extends from the Budd Inlet Treatment Plant to Capitol Lake and along Deschutes Parkway to Capitol Boulevard and through the Tumwater Valley Golf Course.