Long-Range Planning

LOTT's Wastewater Resource Management Plan

LOTT's long-range Wastewater Resource Management Plan guides the management, programs, capital projects, and operations of the LOTT Clean Water Alliance. The plan is a product of public values and public comment received throughout a multi-year planning process held in the late 1990s. Public values included strong desires to protect the environment, control costs, make maximum use of LOTT's existing facilities before investing in new ones, use treated water as a resource, achieve a fair balance of costs between growth and current residents, and plan with a long-range perspective.

To implement the plan, LOTT’s four partner governments approved an Interlocal Agreement for Wastewater Management in January 2000. As designed, the long-range plan needs to be continuously monitored and tightly managed. For that reason, the plan continues to be described as the "Highly Managed Plan." Overall plan management is a continuous effort that is guided by annual analysis of flows and capacity needs and ongoing review and adjustment to the long-term Capital Improvements Plan.

Wastewater Resource Management Plan (PDF)

Wastewater Management Agreement (PDF)

Public Values (PDF)