Treatment Steps

Treating wastewater - a multi-step process

At the Budd Inlet Treatment Plant, both physical and biological processes are used to clean wastewater as it moves through a series of cleaning stages:

Screening – First, a mechanical screening process removes large materials such as sticks, rocks, rags, toys, and other debris.

Primary Treatment – Solid material gets removed from the wastewater as it floats to the surface or sinks to the bottom of large tanks. "Floaters and sinkers" are removed and processed in solids handling.

Secondary Treatment – Bacteria naturally present in the wastewater consume and break down additional pollutants.

Nitrogen Removal – From April to October, the treatment process includes removal of nitrogen to protect water quality in Budd Inlet, where the treated water is discharged.

Disinfection – The final treatment step is disinfection with ultraviolet light, which makes any remaining pathogens sterile.

Discharge – The cleaned water is discharged into Budd Inlet through an outfall off the north end of the Port peninsula.

How LOTT Cleans Wastewater: Five Key Steps

Budd Inlet Treatment Plant (PDF)