Budd Inlet Treatment Plant

LOTT's main centralized treatment plant

The heart of LOTT’s system is the Budd Inlet Treatment Plant. The treatment plant is located at the north end of Adams Street NE, between downtown Olympia and the Port of Olympia. The plant operates 24 hours a day, every day, cleaning wastewater to protect public health and the health of Budd Inlet.

About 12 million gallons of wastewater flow through the Budd Inlet Treatment Plant on average each day. During the wettest months, flows can increase significantly, sometimes as high as 50 million gallons a day due to storm flows from the oldest parts of the stormwater system in downtown Olympia, but that rate of flow is rare.

Tour LOTT’s Wastewater Treatment Plant (Video)

Your Guide to the Budd Inlet Treatment Plant (PDF)