Reclaimed Water Storage Tank

Co-locating a park and a storage tank

LOTT’s Reclaimed Water Storage Tank is located at the site of the City of Tumwater Deschutes Valley Park on T Street. The one million gallon storage tank allows for use of Class A Reclaimed Water by the City of Tumwater at the Tumwater Valley Municipal Golf Course and other sites in the area. The storage tank, set into the hillside overlooking the Deschutes River valley, provides the foundation for the small neighborhood park. Park features include a grassy play area, playground equipment, restrooms, benches, and a view area overlooking the valley. Visitors will also find a tile mosaic in the overlook area created by local ceramic artist, Mike Cummins. The public art highlights the many connections between our communities and our water.

Project Summary Fact Sheet (PDF)

Deschutes Valley Park