Regulation Revisions

LOTT is proposing changes to its discharge regulations

Food service establishments (FSEs) are required to control discharge of fats, oil, and grease (FOG) to the publicly owned sewer system. LOTT is proposing changes to its discharge regulations to establish rules for grease interceptor maintenance. FSEs are encouraged to review the proposed changes and provide feedback before local ordinances are updated with new FOG control rules.

Proposed changes are based on proven strategies and are intended to help FSEs meet new requirements. Changes include:

  • Creating uniform standards for how to maintain  grease interceptors and how often to have them cleaned
  • Requiring businesses to report maintenance activities
  • Establishing a Certified Pumper Program

LOTT’s new Certified Pumper Program is intended to help FSEs choose a qualified grease pumper and to streamline reporting requirements. Certified pumpers would be trained in proper grease interceptor maintenance and would be allowed to submit required maintenance reports on behalf of the FSE.

The new rules would establish required frequencies for cleaning grease interceptors. They would also allow cleaning frequencies to be tailored to the rate of grease build-up in the FSE’s interceptor. FSEs that regularly maintain their grease interceptor and submit reports to LOTT will be inspected less often than facilities that do not submit reports. Your input is important. Click on one of the links below for more information about these revisions, and email comments regarding these changes.

FOG Regulations Fact Sheet and FAQs (PDF)

FOG Certified Pumper Program (PDF)

Self-Cleaning a Grease Interceptor Instructions (PDF)

Proposed Revisions to Regulations (PDF)