Wastewater Survey

Wastewater survey required for businesses and organizations

Our waterways are protected by environmental regulations and improved waste management practices that keep contaminants out of wastewater. The Wastewater Survey for nonresidential customers – conducted by the LOTT Clean Water Alliance, the cities of Lacey, Olympia, and Tumwater, and Thurston County – is one way LOTT partners work with businesses for clean water in our communities.

LOTT is required by federal and state law to identify businesses and organizations that may be subject to Sewer Ordinance Regulations and to characterize any pollutants discharged to the sewer system. LOTT accomplishes this by requiring certain types of businesses and organizations that potentially discharge wastewater to the sewer system to complete a nonresidential wastewater survey.

If your businesses or organization discharges, or might discharge, wastewater to the sewer system – other than from restrooms, showers, or washing machines – you are required to take this survey. The answers will help determine whether additional authorization, such as a discharge permit, is needed.

LOTT reviews completed surveys, and will contact you if additional information is needed. Businesses that need permits or formal authorization to send nonresidential wastewater to the sewer may also be required to complete a Wastewater Discharge Permit application. LOTT can provide you with Best Management Practices for industry-specific methods to manage your waste streams.

Wastewater Survey – Nonresidential (PDF)