Toilet Rebates

$100 rebates for ultra high-efficiency toilets (UHETs)

LOTT sewer customers are eligible for rebates of up to $100 for the purchase and installation of qualifying ultra high-efficiency toilets. Ultra high-efficiency toilets (UHETs) use an average of 30% less water than standard 1.6 gallon per flush toilets.

Residential customers are eligible for up to three toilet rebates per installation address. Rental properties and commercial customers served by the LOTT sewer system are also eligible for the rebate program. For questions about LOTT’s toilet rebate program, send us an email or call (360) 664-2333.

To qualify for the rebate:

  • Toilets must be installed in a home or business served by the LOTT sewer system
  • Application must be submitted within six months of purchase
  • Toilets must be rated MaP PREMIUM – these toilets use 1.1 gallons or less per flush and have a MaP test score of 600 or greater
  • Dual-flush toilets are NOT eligible for rebate unless they are rated MaP PREMIUM
  • Exceptions to the MaP PREMIUM rating may be made on a case-by-case basis for commercial customers – contact LOTT for more information

Qualifying MaP PREMIUM Toilets

To apply for the rebate, mail or email the following to LOTT:

  • Completed and signed application
  • Copy of a recent city water/sewer bill showing your account number and LOTT sewer charge
  • Copy of your purchase receipt showing the toilet model or item number, purchase price, date of purchase, and proof of payment

Toilet Rebate Application (PDF)