Outreach & Education

Sharing information about LOTT and clean water

LOTT has a strong commitment to public outreach and education. The more you know about LOTT plans and activities, the better. That allows you to give us feedback and help us improve how we serve our community members.

LOTT’s education center – the WET Science Center – is the heart of our outreach and education program. LOTT has a formal partnership with our three local school districts to bring hundreds of students to the WET Center for field trips that are a structured part of their science curriculum.

LOTT’s education program reaches beyond the schools to share information with community members of all ages. You can learn more about LOTT by visiting us at the WET Science Center and the East Bay Public Plaza, or we can come to you and give a talk to your business or community group, with topics such as water conservation, environmental stewardship, reclaimed water, careers in the wastewater field, and LOTT’s many projects and activities.