Capacity Planning

Planning for new capacity "just in time"

LOTT operates under a long-range Wastewater Resource Management Plan. The plan includes a decentralized approach to wastewater management, building needed capacity “just in time” in small increments. As designed, the program needs to be continuously monitored and tightly managed. For that reason, the plan is often called the "Highly Managed Plan." Overall management of the plan includes conducting annual capacity planning. This includes assessments of capacity in the existing system, including treatment capacity, capacity to use or discharge treated water, and conveyance pipeline capacity. An annual flow and capacity analysis is conducted and the data is used to identify changes or additions to planned capital projects or programs. The completed report includes three parts:

  • Flows and Loadings
  • Inflow and Infiltration and Flow Monitoring
  • Capacity Assessment

Annual Capacity Report (PDF)