LOTT Construction

Updates on LOTT construction projects

Biological Process Improvements
LOTT is planning a project to make major improvements to the biological process at the Budd Inlet Treatment Plant. The project involves replacing aging equipment with new technology to reduce energy use, increase process reliability, and provide greater control and flexibility in the biologic process. The project will occur in the northeast area of the plant and will require removing some vegetation and trees along the plant perimeter and adding approximately 5,000 square feet of impervious surface. Landscaping will be planted after the project is completed. As part of the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) process, LOTT has completed an environmental evaluation and issued a Determination of Nonsignificance stating the project will not have a probable significant adverse impact on the environment. Project construction is expected to begin by late 2020 and will take several years to complete.

Washington Street Property Improvements
LOTT demolished the building at 516 Washington Street NE, leveling the structure to the concrete slab. Other improvements included fencing, paving, and stormwater treatment. The project is expected to be completed in 2020. The site will be used primarily for contractor staging for Budd Inlet Treatment Plant projects. Eventually, the site will be used for expansion of treatment processes associated with the treatment plant.

Washington Street Construction Newsletter (PDF)

Disinfection System Upgrades
In early 2020, LOTT completed a project at the Budd Inlet Treatment plant to upgrade the ultraviolet (UV) light disinfection system. UV light is used in the final stage of wastewater treatment to disinfect the water prior to discharge into Budd Inlet. UV light works to render bacteria harmless. The upgraded system provides increased treatment capacity, improved energy efficiency, and easier maintenance.