Budd Inlet Plant Master Plan

A long-term plan for LOTT's main treatment plant

The Budd Inlet Treatment Plant has been at its current site since the first construction of the original primary treatment plant, which began in the late 1940s. Since then, our communities have invested millions of dollars for upgrades from primary treatment to secondary treatment to nitrogen removal to production of Class A Reclaimed Water. With urban development continuing in the area, it is important that LOTT ensures it will be able to maintain and improve the facilities necessary to meet the community's wastewater needs. A Master Plan for the Budd Inlet Treatment Plant was completed in 2006 that identified millions of dollars in necessary capital improvements projects. Most of those projects have been completed, including the first phase of the Primary Sedimentation Basins project and the UV Disinfection System upgrade.

The first phase of a new master planning effort was completed in 2020 that focused on the Budd Inlet Treatment Plant. It outlines the general timeline and locations for future process improvements and expansions. A second phase of master planning is underway to assess options for meeting system-wide capacity needs, including where and when to expand reclaimed water production. By carefully planning for and implementing critical upgrades, LOTT continues to protect the community’s investment in the main treatment plant and ensure our ability to meet wastewater management needs well into the future.

Budd Inlet Treatment Plant Master Plan (PDF)